I love my new body

Time has gone fast since I left London escorts. I have got married to a wonderful and we have a lovely daughter together. My husband is 48 years old, but even though he is an older dad, he is one of those dads who has embraced fatherhood. As I am writing this, he is sitting on the sofa reading to our little girl. I am not sure that she can understand as yet, but she seems to love the sound of his voice.


When I worked for London escorts, I was rather skinny. However, since I left and especially since baby, I have put on a pound or two. I thought that I would hate my body but instead I love it and I think that I look great. My husband loves my new body as well and he finds it really hard to keep his hands off me. At first I thought it was a bit weird, but now I know that many men like curvy women.


Check out most London escorts services and you will see a distinct lack of curvy London escorts. I am sure that a lot of agencies in London have forgotten about the men who like to date curvy women. On this occasion I am not talking about plus size London escorts. I just mean girls around the size 12 who may look a bit curvierĀ  and have larger natural busts. When you speak to men, you will soon find that they really like that sort of thing.


I asked my husband the other day if he wanted me to lose the extra five pounds that I had put on since having bay. Absolutely not he said and he did sound very determined. I love your big boobs and curvier hips he said. Well, the boobs have a lot to do with me breastfeeding baby, but the hips are just down to my little bit of excess weight. But I feel so good about myself that I don’t think that I am going to bother to try to lose the weight. I like me how I am.


Most curvy girls I have met working at London escorts services have been healthy and fit. I think that we make too much fuss out of a pair of curvy hips. There are lots of flattering clothes out there for curvy girls and I have picked up some great skirts and jeans. Sure, I am still going to the gym and exercising with baby in her baby carriage, but I am not worried about my shape. Rather I would like to feel good an healthy. One thing I have noticed is that I am a lot hornier. What is that all about? Some women lose their sex drive when they have had a baby, but it seems that my sex drive has increased and I am feeling sexier than ever before. Is it the baby or those hips? I think a lot of it has to do with me feeling more feminine which has got all of hormones firing.

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