How my career as a London escort to help me to have a better life

One of the most achieving things in life is to change our lives, especially if it is messy and imperfect. There is no easy life, I guess, and all of us went through difficulties and struggled a lot. We have different types of how we deal with our lives, but it does not mean that we need to give up when our life gets harder. We saw many people in the street, worsts than ours, homeless and no food, begging all day and sometimes being discriminated. We should always be thankful for what we have, maybe to realize it soon but always remember that when we are ungrateful, it affects our mind and body. We thought of bad things and wished the worsts in our life. Some people committed suicide because of uncontrollable emotions; they have undergone depression and anxiety. Do you know that studies show how those deadly illness affects people, constant problems in life and focusing it may lead us on it until we lose yourself in the process? Poverty is one of the leading cause of the issues nowadays, no stable work, uneducated people that leads them to become criminals. Because of too much poverty, you have no food to eat and starve all days, your mind hangs, and can’t think well. So, sometimes there are criminalities happened such as stealing, etc.

Sometimes, we ask God why out of the people in the world they have chosen us to experience such difficulties, hard and severe. And no matter what we do our life is not moving. There are times we think to end our lives to stop the pain. And why the world is being cruel to us? Many people have a comfortable life, and they are just lucky to experience it. But, I thought all of those before, life may seem unfair, but it only molds us to become brave and prepare us for the better future. We should keep having a positive mind and determination in life. We should not allow our situation to swallow us.

To live in a chaotic society and live the past twenty-five years of my life in a squatty area is hard. Many people there have lost hope and being so negative in life. Most of them had given up on their dreams. But luckily even in my most challenging experience in life, I had continued to wish for myself and maintain the hard work. Until I became a London escort at that trained me emotionally, mentally and physically. Not just because I get an excellent earn, I am happy with my life now, and it feels good to enjoy your hard work.

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