Escorts and a camera

Just like many other White City escorts, I have been into intimate dating for quite some time. The first time I had this I really enjoyed it, and I dropped out of university to work as part of a team of escorts in White City.

As I am sure you know many White City escorts from are really beautiful, and many of them could easily start careers as models. When I was working in the White City escorts industry there always used to be plenty of photographers hanging around, and some of them became our dates.

White City escorts
White City escorts

Many escorts in White City like to date photographers so they can get their portfolios updated easily, but I liked dating photographers because I have always had a fetish about being photographed. Just like the other White City escorts, I dated many photographers who were sort of just regular kind of guys but one day I met this guy called Tariq. He seemed to be a little bit different from the rest, and didn’t even initially tell me that he always carried a camera with him.

The other White City escorts fancied Tariq as well. He had this slightly different air about him, and he was kind of a dark and mysterious type of photographer. I must admit I really fancied him on a personal level, and to me he was just sex on legs.

Surprisingly, Tariq had not as yet asked me if he could use his camera on any of our dates. We had dated a few times and talked a lot about photography. He mentioned that he enjoyed taking real life action shoots, and I wasn’t sure what he meant.

Just as we were finishing one of our dates, he mentioned he was off to a photo shoot in the Middle East, so I asked him if we could do a photo shoot together next time we met. He said no problem.

After about ten days later Tariq was at my door again. Suntanned and smiling as ever he seemed to be really looking forward to our date. I must admit I looked forward to our dates as well, he always made me feel so relaxed and at ease.

Normally, it was me who gave Tariq a massage but this time he suggested that he would give me a massage. He had brought a special blend of oil which included essential oil of Lotus. The scent was completely divine and made me feel like I was in the seventh heaven.

Tariq gently massaged me all over until I was incredibly relaxed. Then he whispered in my ear


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