Cheap London Escorts Playing With Food

A couple of my friends here at cheap London escorts are really into playing with food, but I cannot say that it really turns me on. As a matter of fact. I find playing with food kind of off putting. To be honest, before I joined London escorts, it was something that I did not even talk about to my friends, and now I know that you can do yourself some damage if you play with the wrong foods. Carrots might be fun for eating, but playing with them is not such a good idea as they can cause nasty skin problems.

One of the girls here at cheap London escorts played with oranges together with her partner. At first she did not worry about it too much, but during the day shift one day at London escorts, she noticed a nasty rash and a swelling. It turns out that oranges are packed with an acid which some people are allergic to. This acid, it is called citric acid, can actually burn the skin, and that is what happened to my friend. It took her almost a week to recover and she was really sore.

Another girl who works for another London escorts service, played with bananas. Now, I like to eat bananas but I cannot say that I get turned on by playing with them. I am sure that a lot of people think that bananas are perfectly safe to play with, and may even make the perfect alternative dildo. But like my friend at the other London escorts service learned, it is not the banana itself that is dangerous. Lots of pesticides are used when producing bananas and that can be dangerous for you.

Strawberries seem to be a popular thing to play with during sex. I had a boyfriend who was mad about strawberries and wanted to put them everywhere. The little seeds are nasty, and there is no way that you should be going around inserting them in the first place you can find. One of the girls at our cheap London escorts service ended up in casualty when she could not get all of the seeds out. It kept her off from work at London escorts for about ten days, and she felt really poorly as well. There is no way that I am going to do that.

Playing with foods may sound okay, but you do have to be careful. Thankfully there is still plenty of chocolate spread around, and my favorite is still Nutella. I don’t exactly by it by the bucket load, but I do use it on occasion. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like Nutella, and I have to say that it tastes good. Spread it on toast or yourself, and have some serious fun with your partner. But then again, I do have a slight weakness for good quality chocolate placed in interesting places as well…

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