A Fuck To Remember

No matter how much sex you have, there is always that one fuck that is a fuck to remember, it just stands out from the rest of them. It is memorable because the experience is different from anything you have ever had before, usually you try something new and most of your actions are unplanned. It doesn’t have to be with someone new, even a couple who have been together for many years can have a fuck to remember. Just like Bernard and Christine.

Bernard and Christine were seated in a restaurant having a romantic dinner and the couple adjacent to them seemed to be newlyweds who could not seem to keep their hands off each other. The man kept on running his hands over the lady’s exposed thigh that was sticking out of the slit of her long red evening dress. Bernard and Christine kept on looking at them but not with disgust, instead, they were remembering what it was like when they were still in college and could not keep their hands off each other, soon they were getting turned on from watching the couple across and it could show in their faces.

Christine got up to go to the bathroom when she could feel her panties getting wet, Bernard was also hard and after a few minutes he received a text message from Christine telling him she was in the ladies room touching herself, Bernard stood up immediately and went to the ladies room where Christine grabbed him and pulled him into one of the cubicles where she started kissing him passionately he pulled up her skirt and found his way into her panties and started clawing on her wet slippery pussy as she unbuckled his belt and released his metallic hard dick.

Instantaneously he turned her around and bent her down over the toilet bowl, Bernard pulled down her knickers and slid his dick into her from behind as he firmly held her waist and pulled her body hard towards him and started thrusting, they were both consumed with lust and in their minds they were just thinking of climaxing. After several thrusts, Christine turned and pushed Bernard onto the door, raised one leg onto his bum and inserted his penis back in and the thrusting continued, soon the realized the thrusts were causing the door to make sounds so Bernard sat on the toilet seat and Christine got on top of him and begun to ride him like a wild horse till they both exploded in ecstasy.

They had never done anything that crazy in their eight years of marriage, and they both enjoyed it like they had never done before. It was their fuck to remember!

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